Collateral follow up their 2018 debut 4-track EP “4 Shots!” and their single “Midnight Queen” with their explosive new single “Lullaby” taken from their highly anticipated eponymous debut album released in September. Pre- order the single from Lullaby will be released by Roulette Media on digital download on Friday 3rd May, accompanied with an official music video. The new single is mixed by Grammy Award nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Funeral for A Friend, Stone Broken).

Collateral won a massive competition out of 20,000 bands to play the main stage at the Electric Ballroom at this year’s Camden Rocks Festival on Saturday June 1st. They are also in the finals at the Ramblin’ Man Rumble to play the Rising Stage at this summer’s Ramblin’ Man Fair.

Ripped jeans, cowboy boots, long hair and plenty of eye- liner, Collateral are a new generation stadium-driven rock and roll. When they first started out, they were known as the Angelo Tristan Band, with frontman Angelo Tristan and bass player Jack Bentley-Smith, forming the nucleus of the band. Since then, almost five years ago, they have worked tirelessly to grow their music, fanbase and their profile.
Collateral put the fun and excitement back into rock and roll by giving their fans a show that’s packed with high-octane entertainment. Not only is their live sound impeccable, but their signature stagecraft is reminiscent of what great rock and roll concerts used to be like. Every Collateral concert is a celebratory occasion leaving audiences coming back for more.

The music, the image, the lighting. It’s the whole package. Nothing is taken for granted.

Lullaby is a dynamic, heavy-duty rock stomper with pounding drums courtesy of Ben Atkinson, killer lead vocals by frontman Angelo Tristan, an unforgettable guitar solo from guitarist Todd Winger, a nasty bass groove from bassist ben Jack Bentley-Smith, topped with an infectious singalong chorus that’ll will leave you wanting more.


“Lullaby is a song that has the basic feeling of the world we all live in today - a world where you are told to dream big but, yet ‘Be realistic’,” says Collateral’s front man Angelo Tristan. “I’d be lying if I’d said we’re not a pissed off rock and roll band like a lot of other bands out there. Lullaby has the simplicity, the power and emotion that you should expect to hear on Collateral’s debut album.”

Since Collateral burst on to the music scene, they have attracted attention from venues, festivals, press, and of course, rock music lovers everywhere. Collateral fit neatly into the current NWOCR with their rock anthems reminiscent of early Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Little Angels, Thunder, Skid Row and Tyketto. Last year, when Collateral played Hard Rock Hell’s private VIP party, the reaction was off the hook.

“It's a window onto the world of 80’s classic rock when Sunset Strip was the place to be and rock ruled the world,“ wrote Rock N Load about Collateral’s EP. ”Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Whitesnake were king, and big hair was the name of the game. With polished song writing and catchy melodies, you can’t ignore Collateral." 

Collateral started making waves earlier this year when their Midnight Queen single got picked up by Planet Rock radio in the UK. A sold-out London concert at the Blackheart with rave reviews, confirmed their position as worthy contenders for the UK’s crown jewels of rock and roll.

The band were singled out as “Ones to Watch” on, and have been championed by numerous rock magazine including Fireworks, Powerplay, Black Velvet, Planet Rock and HRH. Rock music websites Moshville Times and Rush on Rock chose Collateral as their Band of the Day.

“It’s something to be part of a crowd bearing witness to a future henomenon - Collateral simply dominate the attention,” said Sonic Abuse about Collateral’s Blackheart concert.

MNPR Magazine cited the following comment in their review of the Blackheart show – “Introducing the band was none other than the Planet Rock Breakfast Show host Paul Anthony, and what an introduction he gave. He waxed lyrical about how this band are “The next big thing” and “ones-to-watch” and how everyone there is witnessing “something very special indeed.”

"An explosive EP heralding the arrival of possibly the next big thing in classic rock,” wrote the Daily Express about the band’s debut EP. “Collateral come rocking out of the green corner to take centre stage with their punchy rock firmly established in the New Wave of Classic Rock movement."